For The Record

Two things:

1) Blogger has “upgraded” my account to Blogger Beta… and something went very, very wrong along the way, and now I’ve become reluctant to use Blogger at all. It suffices to say that when something goes wrong with a Google product, ask yourself this question: who would you call for support?

The answer, as it turns out, is the usenet. Fuck. That.

So, we may very well be seeing some changes in software around here. Stand by on that.

2) I have about seven things happening in my life right now that I can in no way blog about. Thus, we are currently in a period of what is perhaps best described as blogstipation. I expect that once the current blockage works itself out, we may well be doing a series of retrospectives on this rather hectic period in the darklord’s life.

For now, though, you’ll get nothing and like it. I love you all.

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8 thoughts on “For The Record”

  1. Do you get money every time I come here to check and see if you’ve read my fairly mundane comments? Like this here, did you get money for that? If so, I’m happy to help supplement your income, no matter how small.

  2. Yes, Travis, I am ad-sensing you. I am experimenting with Google’s features, and the idea of squeezing pennies out of my multifarious readership is just too sweet to turn away.

  3. You ARE ad-sensing us! Proof comes in the form that when I wrote the words “ad-sense” a few days ago, lo and behold today I visit and see an ad FOR ad-sense! Caught! Enjoy your nickel! 🙂

  4. We love you too, ya big lug. Any chance the 7 things going on in your life are envy, lust, gluttony, wrath, sloth, greed, and pride?

  5. GOOGLEBOT: Detected Anti-Google Sentiment in Blog.
    GOOGLEBOT: Blog hosted on Blogger, A Google Property
    GOOGLEBOT: Conduct GoodThink edit of Blog Entry
    GOOGLEBOT: Dispatch SeeNoEvil Agents to Author Location
    GOOGLEBOT: No Author Location on File
    GOOGLEBOT: BusyWait for evidence of Author Location. Then we bust his ass.
    GOOGLEBOT: Conduct GoodThink edit of that last log message ^bust his ass^inform him of possible typo.

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