Drew!! Send Baby Pictures!!

Look, man, as much as we appreciate this post, it’s getting stale. We all know how fast these goddamn whippersnappers develop, and so the gap between what we’ve seen and what is true is widening.

Don’t think we’re not talking about it. We are. I have, in fact, fielded two “is he ever going to post more baby pictures?” requests in the past week, and I gotta tell ya, I’m a spin-doctor extraordinaire and I am having a hard time makin’ the case for ya.

Get. With. The. Program.

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2 thoughts on “Drew!! Send Baby Pictures!!”

  1. So, the thing is…I got some grief on the home front for posting baby pictures up on my blog. You see, apparently the internet is filled with perverts and degenerates who are just looking for a cute baby to steal. Or something.

    I’ll have a little chat with the head of Homeland Security tonight when she gets home. I might need to just, like, email some pictures out.

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