Batman… Begins?

Sunday brought me to Gotham. I must tell you that I am already a Christian Bale fan, having devoted myself to the pursuit of his work some time ago. Even so, I think I can say that Batman Returns is a gift from the gods. Save for about 5% of the film which is a little off, the goddamn thing is easily the best envisioning of Batman since Miller took his turn at the wheel.

This, however, is not news. Lots of folks have expressed their admiration of this turn of the tale. Here’s a review that sums up exactly how I feel about the film, to spare me the typing. I want to share a startling event that occured as the credits were rolling.

My kids & I & the buddy with whom I was enjoying the film with were throwing “That was AWESOME!”s back and forth at each other, as you do. One of my kids quipped, “I can’t WAIT for the second movie!” The other kid remarked, “I wonder who they’ll get to be the JOKER!” I stared at them, suprised, perhaps disbelieving. Second movie? Could they… not know?

That film was already made, wasn’t it? You remember, Jack Motherfucking Nicholson? I mean, this was the fourth film in an already established franchise, wasn’t it?

…wasn’t it?


Batman (1989)

cover Directed by
Tim Burton
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Keaton …. Batman/Bruce Wayne
Jack Nicholson …. Joker/Jack Napier
Kim Basinger …. Vicky Vale

1989. The film that I was imagining was the natural follower to Batman Begins was made 16 years ago. My children, who had so startled me by acting as if this film had not existed, had not, in fact, been born when it was released theatrically.

Dig further:

Batman Forever (1995)

cover Directed by
Joel Schumacher

This horrendous nightmare (that we all wish we could forget), the most recent Batman film, was released in 1995. Ten years ago.

Slow to the punch, I. Late to the party.

In conclusion, I have determined that The Kids Are Right, and Batman Returns is actually the first Batman movie of a new franchise. Apparently starring Christian Bale. Which, god knows, is the way I would want things to have been arranged. I intend to enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Batman… Begins?”

  1. Actually… Batman Begins is the 5th film. Batman and Robin was the Clooney debacle that nearly killed the franchise.

  2. yeah, clever, that. freakin’ marketing monkeys, always tryin’ to say what they mean.

    yaaaay! no nipples!

  3. Which is why, cleverly, they named it “Batman Begins”. Which is to say, this ain’t your papa’s Batman, this is the way Batman was meant to be. With Bale contracted, all one can hope for is that they keep the nipples off the batsuit for at least a couple more sequels…

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