The 5 Domains of Play – Slides!

Thanks to everyone who came to the talk at GDC! Here are the slides:

.PDF: 5_Domains_of_Play_GDC2012

.PPTX: 5_Domains_of_Play_GDC2012


[Update: Also, here is a link to the GDC Vault version of these slides! ]


  1. Five more reasons for me to be disappointed that I couldn’t make it to GDC. How did the audience respond?


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  3. […] The 5 Domains of Play: Applying Psychology’s Big 5 Motivation Domains to Games – Jason VandenBerghe (Ubisoft)   This research is not finished yet, but might if all the data is correct, it might give the industry a way of showing which kind of audience is being catered by which kind of game. It translates the big 5 motivation domains to the game industry. you can get the slides here. […]

  4. […] Jason Vandenberghe, also a fellow Horseshoe-ite, probably gave the talk of the week. It certainly was well-rehearsed as he was giving a version of it back in November when I saw him last. I made sure to move a meeting just so I could go see it. Jason is a natural storyteller and presenter and even if he didn’t have a thoroughly researched new idea, he could probably have the audience eating out of his hand anyway. The gist of the talk is that motivation psychologists have this well-studied schema called “The Big Five” that map our motivations onto five spectrums. The twist at the end is that this is cheating and it is actually thirty separate spectrums. These thirty dualities will tell us pre-facto what sorts of features we enjoy in our games. The remarkable thing is that these spectrums are normally-distributed (for the most part) so for every achievement-gamer there is an equal moment of contentment-gamer. Really remarkable stuff and I’ll post more about it when I see some more on the topic. Here are his slides. […]

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