I’ve been moving this around under the hood, here. One result is the page of Reflections, which contains almost nothing you haven’t already read, but is there to make cohesive to the newcomer the various lunacies I have recorded here.

This is one things that really bugs me about blog systems: they are backwards. When I write, often I’m telling a story, one with a beginning, something like a middle, and then no actual ending. But if you go back and try to examine that writing using the traditional blog approach, for some ridiculous reason, the software makes it trivial for you to fuck up the whole narrative by browsing the entries in reverse order. In fact, browsing them in the sequence they were written in is nearly impossible in most blog systems.

Why is this, why are other people not noticing this, and why has it not been fixed? Personally, I take this as evidence that my opinion on these matters is inherently superior to everyone else in the known blogosphere, thus securing my position among the intellectual elite for all time.

However, it could also mean that there’s something about the way I view blogging (as a personal narrative?) that is out of skew with the way other people view it. I’m sure I’m right, thought.

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3 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. I like the way you blog, D-Lord, but I don’t think that’s how most people do it. I think most bloggers just like dropping random brainlumps that are only relevant to themselves at that exact moment in time. Typically, these lumps do not connect together into any kind of narrative.

    Your way is better.

  2. i always wondered the same myself–the old way of blogging was assuming that your readership retention was high and that people were reading your entries in the intended order and designed the blog templates according to usability and blog navigation ease.

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